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The PHACON system unites the advantages of a surgical training on an anatomical model with the possibilities of virtual assistance. The surgery on the artificial specimen is supported by a related navigation system and integrated sensor technology.

Strategies of operating can be trained with real instruments with the necessary haptic, as usual with specimen. Additionally, the surgeon receives further information, e.g. CT-data, the virtual model, the position of the instrument and the analysis of injured risk structures.

The artificial specimen can be used any time, in any place and without any effort. Worldwide PHACON systems and artificial specimen are in use as an effective supplement or alternative to human specimen. In surgical training courses, on fairs and congresses, the systems are immediately ready for use without special handling or storing. That is what makes them a popular and uncomplicated training unit for hands-on courses and an effective marketing tool (e.g. for manufacturers of medical devices or hearing aids and implants). The assistance and support during the surgical education by the help of simulators is a rising and increasingly trend to train and transfer knowledge of new and complex strategies of surgery.

Furthermore PHACON developed a special method which significantly facilitates your OR preparation. Basing on medical image data (CT, MR, DVT) we produce patientindividual 3D models. Surgeons as well as patients receive an additional win of information by this way of preoperative planning of complex intervention.


26th Congress of the European Rhinologic Society (Stockholm)

The european rhino society invites to the yearly congress, this time into the wonderful city by the water, Stockholm, Sweden. We deepened our close relations to good, existing customers. Interesting n... more

13th Annual Middle East Otolaryngology Conference and Exhibition (Dubai)

The 13. Annual Middle East Otolaryngology Conference and Exhibition in Dubai is the biggest meeting of ENT-specialists in the Arabic region. PHACON presented their ENT-products successfully and got co... more

SpineWeek (Singapore)

Many asian and international doctors visited PHACON at the SpineWeek in Singapore. They got information on the PHACON Lumbar Spine-System and got a wide insight onto the variety of the PHACON Patients... more


26. - 29. Oktober 2016

NASS (Boston)

Link to NASS (Boston)