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PHACON Sinus Trainer

The ideal preparation for nasal sinus and skull base surgery

The PHACON Sinus Trainer offers opportunities in training of sinus and skull base surgery by the use of PHACON Sinus Patients of different anatomies. The haptic feel of a surgery with instruments can be learned and at the same time, orientation within the related patient CT-data in navigation software can be practiced. Injuries of structures of risk during the training session are detected automatically by the help of the connected software.
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The PHACON Sinus Assistant

The Sinus Assistant offers the same realism to the real patient as the trainer, but without the benefits of navigation and proximity detection.
The assistant is the right combination if you want full anatomical quality, but can do without electronic resonance.
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The PHACON Sinus Holder

The Sinus Holder combines realistic anatomical structures and comfort at a reasonable price.
The Holder is the right combination, if you can do without comprehensive haptics, or your budget is limited.
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The Sinus Trainer Suite with enclosed USB endoscope

In addition to the Sinus Trainer, we offer a USB endoscope. Choose the PHACON Sinus Suite to get it with the Trainer.
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Choose your patients based on a variety of use-cases or anatomical specifications


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