PHACON Imagefilm

Worldwide PHACON trainers with their artificial specimen are used as economical alternative to human specimen. The unique PHACON trainers offer doctors the possibility to plan and do surgeries under realistic conditions.

PHACON Concept

In our product film we show you how simple it is to set up and to operate the PHACON trainer.

PHACON Novelty

With the start of new year 2018, we would like to announce our new special product video.

PHACON Temporal bone: Electrode insertion

This video shows the insertion of an electrode in our PHACON Temporal Bone Patient “Schmidt” (Art.-No.: TF-bai). The recording was done with a microscope camera, which is integrated in our PHACON Temporal Bone Trainer with transparent cochlea (Art.-No.:. S-00050).

PHACON Neuromonitoring Introduction

Our product film for the PHACON neuromonitoring assistant shows you the practice of neuromonitoring.

PHACON: Septum reconstruction

The video shows a septum reconstruction on a PHACON RHINO-patient using the Kasseler „L-Beam“ method by Dr. Stefan Maas. This method involves the removal of a piece of the rib cartilage from the PHACON patient to use it for the septum reconstruction.

PHACON: Sinus model with bleeding arteria carotis

The PHACON Sinus model with bleeding arteria carotis was developed in close collaboration with the University Medicine Greifswald, represented by the ENT specialists Prof. Hosemann, senior physician Dr. Beule and Dr. Clara Sophia Draf.
The model serves to train and demonstrate the emergency management of an arteria carotis which was injured during an endoscopic surgery. The realistic effect of the PHACON Sinus model with bleeding arteria carotis is supported by a pump.
In 2014, the PHACON Sinus model was presented by Dr. Clara Sophia Draf at the German ENT Congress.

PHACON: Live Demonstration of cochlea implantation

PHACON, MED-EL and ZEISS Group presented the live demonstration of a cochlea implantation surgery on a PHACON Temporal Bone Patient using the novel Robotic Visualization System ZEISS KINEVO 900. MED-EL supported the presentation with a provided electrode, which was inserted into the PHACON temporal bone’s cochlea.
The surgical procedure was demonstrated by Prof. Milan Profant (Head of the ENT Department of University Hospital Bratislava, Slovakia).
Many visitors attended the live demonstration and were impressed.


PHACON: Product catalogue

PHACON develops its products in close cooperation with experienced physicians and specialists from all over the world.
Our extensive range of products includes the fields of ENT, implantology and neuro- and spine surgery.

PHACON: Training courses and products

PHACON supplies surgical training courses worldwide and is an essential component in the progress of the medical technology of the future. Get an insight into a selection of our equipped courses.