We are developing and grow over time – and since the beginning our PHACON Trainers and Patients are being continuously further developed. We work constalntly to adjust our products to our customers‘ demands effectively. Discover the advanced improvements of PHACON products at our company Website.


Introduction of the first PHACON trainer for temporal bone surgery on the German ENT congress in Mannheim and on the AAO HNSF in Washington D.C.
Foundation of PHACON GmbH on the 27th of April in Leipzig.

KARL STORZ GmbH & Co.KG is international distributor for the PHACON Trainers.
Win of Future Sax Competition (competition of innovative business ideas of young German companies in Saxony).


Development of a first artificial specimen for sinus and skull base surgery.
Cooperation with the University Pittsburgh (UPMC)Advancement of the concept „real trained – virtual assisted“.

Introduction of the first PHACON trainer for sinus and skull base surgery “PHACON Sinus Trainer”.
Distribution of PHACON trainers in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe.


Development of an artificial specimen for cervical spine surgery.
PHACON trainers were equipped for the first time ever with optical navigation – PHACON navigation.

Introduction of the trainers for temporal bone surgery “PHACON Temporal Bone Trainer” and sinus and skull base surgery “PHACON Sinus Trainer” with integrated navigation on the AAO HNSF in San Diego.
Establishment of PHACON trainer on the American market.


Further development of the PHACON trainer for cervical spine surgery “PHACON Cervical Spine Trainer” with the Jefferson University Philadelphia.
The manufacturer of medical devices Stryker Corporate is distributor for PHACON on the American Market.

Introduction of the first PHACON trainer for nasal and larynx endoscopy “PHACON Throat Trainer”.
PHACON is finalist of the German Founder’s Prize 2010.
Friedrich von Metzler (Bankhaus Metzler) becomes godfather of PHACON.


Introduction of the PHACON Sinus Trainer on the AAO HNSF in San Francisco.

The PHACON trainers for temporal bone and cervical spine surgery were applied in a hands-on course on the Congress of Neurological Surgeons CNS in Washington.

Cooperation with the University Hospital Zurich (Prof. Dr. Rudolf Probst).

More than 200 trainers are in use for the education of surgeons worldwide.


The second generation of the PHACON navigation enables a more precise and large scale navigation.

The PHACON Sinus Trainer allows realistic and comprehensive training of sinus and skull base surgery.

Surgeons practice in international courses with the PHACON Cervical Spine Trainer.

Introduction of the PHACON trainers in the Asian market: SURGIMED CORPORATION becomes distributor for PHACON in Taiwan.

Upgrade of the PHACON Temporal Bone Trainer with the temporal bone for Cochleostomy: In cooperation with Prof. Dr. R. Probst (Zurich),  a new temporal bone was developed, which for the first time allows to perform a cochlea implantation.

Courses in Europe, Asia, Australia and America for advanced training and further education were equipped with PHACON trainers.

Reputable manufacturers of hearing aids train the implantation worldwide on PHACON Temporal Bone Patients.


For the first time, PHACON provides a pediatric temporal bone for advanced training and further education: In cooperation with Prof. Dr. R. Probst PHACON developed a temporal bone which allows the training of temporal bone surgery and Cochleostomy on a pediatric anatomy (PHACON Temporal Bone Patient “Wagner”).

Worldwide, more than 300 trainers are in use.

More than 15 000 artificial specimen were applied for advanced training and further education of surgeons.

PHACON supplies customers in more than 15 countries.

First international pediatric temporal bone course with the PHACON Temporal Bone Patient “Wagner” in Toronto.

Expansion of circle of investors to gain growth capital.

Number of employees raises into the double-digitrange.


New distributors for China and India.

PHACON supplies customers in more than 40 countries.

PHACON developed a new trainer for the training of vascular access procedures.

PHACON developed a unique Temporal Bone Trainer with integrated camera to visualize the insertion of a CI-electrode into a transparent cochlea in real-time.

Development of a training system for lumbar spine surgery.

Participation in the 6th Annual Meeting of the German Society of Neurosurgery in Dresden, the German ENT-congress in Dortmund and the international ENT congress AAO-HNSF in Orlando.

Participation in the international 13th International Conference on Cochlear Implants in Munich with live-hands-on course.

PHACON equipped workshops for rhino- and septoplasty and developed special Sinus Patients for implantology.

The product range in the area of the artficial rock legs is expanded by special variants and pediatric models.


The first artificial PHACON Temporal Bone of a 12 month old patient for cochlea implantation was introduced to the German ENT-congress in Berlin

PHACON attends the 10th International Asia Pacific Symposium on Cochlear Implant and Related Sciences in Beijing.


PHACON developed in close cooperation with experienced specialists and ENT specialists at the Medical College in Hannover a PHACON Orbita Trainer. The Trainer is designed specifically for the pointed orbital floor fracturing and surgical reconstruction.

Extensive product extensions of the Temporal bone-, Sinus- and Spine surgery.
New distributors for Greece and Great Britain.


PHACON celebrates its 10th anniversary.

Establishment of US headquarter PHACON Inc. in Atlanta.

Five new distributors in Turkey, Finland, Japan, South Korea and India.

Participation in nine congresses.